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We are aware that air traffic is always requiring faster and more efficient delivery and so we devote our every possible effort to take care of our client's shipments.

Pre-alert telexes or fax are sent to the shipper and consignee

with appropriate shipment information - Flight, HAWB & MAWB, Departure & Arrival details. Flight, HAWB & MAWB, Departure & Arrival details.

Whenever there is a change in the routing, AWB number and schedule, concerned parties will be notified immediately.

It is our pride and team spirit to provide "First Class Transport Services". Client's shipment will be protected for their benefits under our new era communication system naming "Time Difference Zero".

With our extensive global network and professional staff, we assured that your most complex logistics requirements will be handled with care and personalized attention. Entrust the job to us and you will discover the reliability of true professional services. As your company continues to grow, we would like you to consider us as your partner